1. Summary

This website was builded in 2007, the purpose is collect any picture about NES, so everyone can look up conveniently.

At the same time, this website also opened a game column, you can find and download game.

2. Instruction

The search of this website is base on the picture name, Except title and going picture is named with "chinese name & english name", most of other column is named only with "chinese name", so please search with chinese name. You can search the game first, then search the game's picture.

All version of each game (include hack version), if there are any difference at the title screen, I have got a screenshot。

Recommend the "Process" and "Merge" picture especially.

3. History

When I was a junior at university, I became obsessed with simulation games, and high on collecting games in all kinds of platform. I finded game at "ROMMAN" first, then finded many NES game at "Meng Huan Dao". At that time, I high on NES game, because I play many NES game with "Subor Study Console" when I was young.

Later, I make a post to finded a NES game at the BBS of "EMUMAX". After a few days, I got it by myself. And I finded that, it is not a NES game, it is a "Sega Genesis" game! After that, I often visit the BBS of "EMUMAX", because I have a lot of free time where I was senior at university. Maybe I am more willing to help others. At the beginning, I often help others to find games in the "ROM release & help zone" and "NES discussion zone". Soon after, the webmaster "Seiya" attent me, and I became the moderator of "Help zone". Then I began to touch "NES video", I collect many and recording some by myselef.

Owing to the love of NES and I did a lot of NES integration picture. The idea of creating a "NES gallery" website is grew in 2006. And I began to collect NES picture classify. In 2007, the website is finished and online.

At July 22, 2014, "EMUMAX" was downline, this website moved to "NESBBS". In recent years, many large simulation website have gone bankrupt or changed, it is not easy to hold on till now for "NESBBS".

For our generation, NES is eternal classics and happy memories. Decades later, there may be very few people interested in NES. But at least we can keep this memory on the internet...

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