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18合1(金字塔PEC-686F学习卡)   Details Picture Download
18-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-686F Computer & Game)
[ID: 3013] [Sort: Collection] [Type: Collection-Over10] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: 东达电器] [Remark: 18 pure,Study Cassette,Have Chinese,多个出错,Need to be improved] [Click: 590] [Add Time: 2016/8/21 20:09:42]
18合1(金字塔PEC-686F学习卡)(中文版)_18-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-686F Computer & Game) (Ch).png18合1(金字塔PEC-686F学习卡)_18-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-686F Computer & Game).png Show Detailed Going
8合1(金字塔PEC-9588学习卡)   Details Picture Download
8-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-9588 Computer & Game)
[ID: 2999] [Sort: Collection] [Type: Collection-8-in-1] [Recommend: ★★] [Company: 东达电器] [Remark: 8 pure,Study Cassette,Have Chinese,3个错误,Need to be improved] [Click: 727] [Add Time: 2016/8/21 20:09:42]
8合1(金字塔PEC-9588学习卡)(中文版)_8-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-9588 Computer & Game) (Ch).png8合1(金字塔PEC-9588学习卡)_8-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-9588 Computer & Game).png Show Detailed Going
14合1(金字塔PEC-586学习卡)   Details Picture Download
14-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-586 Computer & Game)
[ID: 2888] [Sort: Collection] [Type: Collection-Over10] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: 东达电器] [Remark: 14 pure,Study Cassette,Have Chinese,2个错误,Need to be improved] [Click: 929] [Add Time: 2016/8/7 16:05:41]
14合1(金字塔PEC-586学习卡)(中文版)_14-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-586 Computer & Game) (Ch).png14合1(金字塔PEC-586学习卡)_14-in-1 (Pyramid PEC-586 Computer & Game).png Show Detailed Going
35合1(Pyramid Game Card)   Details Picture Download
35-in-1 (Pyramid Game Card)
[ID: 2673] [Sort: Collection] [Type: Collection-Over10] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: 东达电器] [Remark: 4 pure,有跳关] [Click: 640] [Add Time: 2015/12/27 19:38:32]
35合1(Pyramid Game Card)(未授权版)_35-in-1 Pyramid Game Card (Unl).png35合1(Pyramid Game Card)(合卡)_35-in-1 Pyramid Game Card.png Show Detailed Going
10合1(金字塔教育电脑)   Details Picture Download
10-in-1 (Pyramid Education Computer)
[ID: 2643] [Sort: Collection] [Type: Collection-Over10] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: 东达电器] [Remark: 10 pure,Study Cassette,PEC键盘,Need to be improved] [Click: 864] [Add Time: 2015/12/27 19:38:32]
10合1(金字塔教育电脑)(俄版)_10-in-1 (Pyramid Education Computer) (R).png10合1(金字塔教育电脑)_10-in-1 (Pyramid Education Computer).png Show Detailed Going