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镜花缘   Details Picture Download
Jing Hua Yuan
[ID: 2393] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★★] [Company: 外星科技] [Remark: Have Chinese] [Click: 894] [Add Time: 2011/1/3 0:01:05]
镜花缘(中文版)_Jing Hua Yuan (ES-1033) (Ch).png镜花缘_Jing Hua Yuan.png
Kalin no Tsurugi ; Sword of Kalin
[ID: 2206] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: Xtal Soft] [Remark: Have FDS] [Click: 594] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
卡林之剑(磁碟版)_Kalin no Tsurugi (J).png卡林之剑_Kalin no Tsurugi.png
世界之梦1(世界之梦)   Details Picture Download MusicGameFAQs(FDS)
Esper Dream
[ID: 2160] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★★★] [Company: Konami] [Remark: Have FDS] [Click: 687] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
世界之梦1(磁碟版)_Esper Dream (J) (v1.01).png世界之梦1_Esper Dream.png Show Detailed Going
阿斯匹克-魔蛇王之咒(魔蛇王之咒)   Details Picture Download GameFAQs(FDS)
Aspic - Majaou no Noroi
[ID: 2121] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★★] [Company: Bothtec,Xtal Soft] [Remark: Have FDS] [Click: 749] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
魔蛇王之咒(磁碟版)_Aspic - Majaou no Noroi (J).png魔蛇王之咒_Aspic - Majaou no Noroi.png
地道战   Details Picture Download
Di Dao Zhan
[ID: 1990] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: 外星科技] [Remark: Have Chinese] [Click: 705] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
地道战(中文版)_Di Dao Zhan (Ch).png地道战_Di Dao Zhan.png
萨尔达传说2-林克的冒险(萨尔达传说2、塞尔达传说2)   Details Picture Download MusicManualGameFAQsGameFAQs(FDS)
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link ; The Legend of Zelda 2 - Link no Bouken ; Zelda II ; Zelda 2
[ID: 1629] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★★★] [Company: Nintendo] [Remark: Have FDS,Have Chinese,放剑] [Click: 3219] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
萨尔达传说2(美版.欧版)_Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (U).(E).png萨尔达传说2_Zelda II - The Adventure of Link.png
天下第一武士-克鲁那古尔(天下第一武士)   Details Picture Download MusicGameFAQs
Tenkaichi Bushi - Keru Naguuru
[ID: 1456] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: Namco,Game Studio] [Click: 1108] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
天下第一武士(日版)_Tenkaichi Bushi - Keru Naguuru (J).png天下第一武士_Tenkaichi Bushi - Keru Naguuru.png Show Detailed Going
斗将拉面男-炸裂超人102芸(斗将拉面男-炸裂超人、斗将拉面男)   Details Picture Download GameFAQs
Tatakae!! Rahmen Man - Sakuretsu Choujin 102 Gei
[ID: 1442] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★] [Company: Shinsei] [Click: 1621] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
斗将拉面男-炸裂超人(日版)_Tatakae!! Rahmen Man - Sakuretsu Choujin 102 Gei (J).png斗将拉面男-炸裂超人_Tatakae!! Rahmen Man - Sakuretsu Choujin 102 Gei.png
超级中国人3(超级中国拳3)   Details Picture Download MusicGameFAQs
Super Chinese 3
[ID: 1379] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★★★] [Company: Culture Brain] [Remark: 可2 Players] [Click: 1836] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
超级中国人3(日版)_Super Chinese 3 (J).png超级中国人3_Super Chinese 3.png Show Detailed Going
超级中国人2-龙孩(超级中国人2、超级中国拳2、忍者兄弟)   Details Picture Download MusicManualGameFAQs
Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid ; Little Ninja Brothers
[ID: 1378] [Sort: Single] [Type: A.RPG-Inclined-ChangeView] [Recommend: ★★★★] [Company: Culture Brain] [Remark: 可2 Players] [Click: 1192] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]
超级中国人2(日版)_Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid (J).png超级中国人2_Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid.png Show Detailed Going