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Acceleration Glitch
Note that this glitch requires the use of a NES controller that allows Left and Right on the D-Pad to be pressed at the same time. By pressing Left and Right at the same time, there is a glitch in the game's programming which allows Link to move with much higher velocity than normal, so high such that he can often enter and go through walls. You can alter your speed and direction by changing your facing or tapping Left or Right on the D-Pad while the other is held.

Avoid Forced Battle Scenes
To avoid forced battles (battles by stepping on a certain tile on the field) simply wait in front of it until monsters appear and when one steps on the tile, move onto the tile and you'll go into a battle scene from the monster, not the tile. Most monster battle scenes are much easier than the tile's. Extremely useful when going to the Great Palace.

Warp Hole
In some castles and action screens it is possible to jump higher than the stats at the top of the screen. If the spell Fairy is used when Link is above the stats and you try to move to a side, he will fall through a warp hole. In the action screens Link will simply reappear on the same action screen. While, in the castles, he will end up on top of or in another room, on top of the castle entrance, or in an elevator below the castles entrance and stuck. If he gets stuck below the castle, you will need to reset the game. Also, the spell Jump can help with this glitch.

Earn quick experience for new character
To quickly earn more experience for a new character, first have a character who is far along in the game but hasn't done all the palaces yet. Have this character beat a palace and go to the place to insert the gem.
When you insert the gem and the experience points start to total up, pause and do the Quick Save. Then, load your new character. All of the experience points which would've gone to the character you beat the palace with will now go to your new character.

No keys
If you come to a locked door and hove no key you can simply use the Fairy spell and fly right throuogh the keyhole. And sometimes if you have enough magic you can make it through the whole palace just using this trick.


Game Genie:
SZKGKXVK Link has infinite lives
PASKPLLA Link starts with 1 life
TASKPLLA Link starts with 6 lives
PASKPLLE Link starts with 9 lives
AZUOLIAL Mega-jump
OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Fire spell
LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield spell for Spell spell
LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Fairy spell
IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield spell for Life spell
VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Thunder spell

【Not personally tested】

2、“游戏精灵”即“Game Genie”,也叫“GG码”,是模拟器和实机均可使用的作弊码。Nestopia模拟器-选项-金手指-添加,勾选右下方的“Game Genie”,可录入。