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Game Over时,按A+START。



Unlimited 1-Ups
Get to world 3-1, and become Super Mario. At the end of the level, by the staircase before the end flag, you will see two turtles coming down the stairs.
Jumping over the first one and then jumping on the second one should cause it to hit the star and bounce back.
From here, jump on it and keep yourself off the ground for unlimited 1-ups.

Easily Unlock Worlds A-D
Normally, to unlock the four extra worlds (A - D), you need to first beat the game eight times. While that is entirely true, each successive journey through the game gets harder by restricted times and tougher-to-kill enemies. You can avoid both of those and still retain your progress through the game by resetting the console before each playthrough - in doing so, you'll play through the game as you would the first time through, yet still retain your progress to the extra worlds!

Bypass the First Bowser (World 8-4)
In 8-4, as you approach the end, you'll cross a pit of lava guarded by two Parakoopas before entering a pipe. This pipe leads to a flat area (except for a dip and a pipe). Past said dip and pipe, you'll find the first Bowser, a fake one that is nonetheless difficult to beat because you cannot instantly kill him with the axe like normal - you must either dodge him, or kill him with Fire Flower fireballs. If you cannot (or do not want to), approach the gap just after the pipe while dashing at full speed - do not jump over the gap. You will run into the wall by doing so. Hold Right on the D-Pad for a while until the first fake Bowser is on-screen (you do so because the camera will not scroll otherwise). When he is about one-third of the way across the screen, you can then just hold Down and you'll automatically scroll past him, still stuck in the wall, although the camera is not scrolling. Once past him, you are free to continue on - you are not required to defeat this Bowser.

Timer Underflow Glitch
This glitch only works in the castle levels where you fight Bowser at the end - for example, World 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, and so on. It is best to defeat Bowser with Fire Mario or Fire Luigi beforehand, as you must wait out most of the timer to execute this glitch. At the end of the castle levels, there is an axe which you must touch to end the level. If you time your jump correctly (a full jump as the timer goes from 002 to 001 often works) and land on the axe while the timer reads "000", you'll continue as normal to the usual sequence at the end of the castle. However, your timer bonus (50 points per second remaining) will be calculated as if you had 999 seconds, not zero, left on the clock. This allows for an easy 49,950 point boost! Note that this glitch, if executed on levels using a flagpole, will prevent you from earning the bonus in that level.

Extra Lives at the Flagpole
To get an extra 1-Up at the flagpole, your Coin and Time counters must be of specific values in relation to each other. Your Coins must be a double-digit number - 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, or 99. At the same time, your Coins and Time must share the same one's digit (the rightmost digit). For example, valid combinations include 11 Coins and 301 seconds, 55 Coins and 245 seconds, and 99 Coins and 009 seconds. Once you touch the flagpole, instead of gaining 100 ~ 5,000 points as normal, "1UP" will be displayed next to it, indicating that an extra life was earned!



Warp to World B
In the course of World A-2, you will see several sets of vertically-moving platforms. Go through the level to the one that is the only one with a vertical white line behind it: this is just after a set of three pipes on about halfway through the underground portion of the level. Use these to reach the rooftop. (You can also use the staircase-like set of blocks earlier in the level and break through and to the roof if you are Super or Fire Mario/Luigi.) Once on the roof, go to the far right and past the gap near the exit pipe to ultimately reach the warp zone.

Warp to World C
In World A-3, just before you reach the flagpole, there will be a trampoline. Use it to leap up and hit a block one tile to the left of the trampoline, near the top of the screen. Use the trampoline after to get atop this block, then dash from its left edge and head to the right, jumping over - not onto, over - the flagpole. Once past the flagpole, continue running to the right past the castle. Whereas the programming in this game would normally prevent scrolling here, you will find that you can still go forward: after a lengthy while, you'll find the warp zone.

Warp to World D
During World B-4, after going past the mid-point of the level, you'll find a sequence of blocks, fire bars, and pipes that seems repetitive, looping between fire bar, platform, pipe, platform, fire bar, and so on. In total, there are four pipes in this sequence: the first pipe is the second pipe of the entire level, as a further reference. If you enter the first, second, or third pipes of this looping sequence, you'll find yourself back at the start of the level; however, if you enter the fourth pipe, the one just before the lava pit, you'll find a warp zone.

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2、“游戏精灵”即“Game Genie”,也叫“GG码”,是模拟器和实机均可使用的作弊码。Nestopia模拟器-选项-金手指-添加,勾选右下方的“Game Genie”,可录入。