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Modify Party Names (Japanese Version)
In the Japanese version, the Prince and Princess' name are already predetermined.
If you want to change them, just start a new game, type the Hero's name and before entering the last letter, hold Select + Start and enter the last letter.
If done right, you'll be taken to a second name entry screen where you'll be able to name the Prince and then the Princess.

不过注意当那个人提升 LV 时要重复一遍这种操作,否则会回到没有装备时的数值。

首先在隆达尔吉亚高原,从怪物手中得到破坏之剑(はかぃのつるぎ),然后在准备了隼之剑(はやぶさのけん )后进入哈刚神殿,在神殿中换上破坏之剑,再离开神殿。



ぃなぞ ぼそび かふねし
けほぐ とねそ ぼのなぐ
ざさり る

ひるく なべふ ゆもゆる
ろじぜ ばぴあ がたざ

ろろろ ろろろ ろろろろ
ぜぞぞ ぞぞび おれぴぴ

ゆうて いみや おうきむ
こうほ りいゆ うじとり
やまあ きらぺ ぺぺぺぺ
ぺぺぺ ぺぺぺ ぺぺぺぺ
ぺぺぺ ぺぺぺ ぺぺぺぺ ぺぺ

しみい えねべ ぱてなぬ
のちて なぬの ひへ


No random encounters for the first part of the game
There is a glitch that will freeze the random number generator so it always generates the same number.

Name your hero TUT, and select a message speed of fast.
Now there are no random encounters, townspeople always move south, and you never get lottery tickets from buying items.
You can proceed through the game with no random encounters until the battle with the gremlins at Lianport, where the game will freeze due to lack of random numbers for the AI.

Saving the game at any point ends the glitch, restoring the the random number generator to normal.

The Second Water Flying Cloth
Go to Zahan, and get the Magic Loom. After that, go to the Dragon's Horn North Tower, and get the Dew's Yarn on the 3rd floor.
Take these items and see Don Mahone. After you give him the items for him to make the first Water Flying Cloth, *WITHOUT SAVING*, go back to the Dragon's Horn North Tower on the 3rd floor, and search for the Dew's Yarn.
It *WILL* be there. After you get the Dew's Yarn the second time, *SAVE*. After saving, turn the game off (make sure you hold in reset so you don't erase the files) and turn it back on. Go back to Don Mahone and get your first Water Flying Cloth.
Now go back to Zahan and get the Magic Loom again. Take the items to Don Mahone once again, and save. Turn off the power, then turn it back on, then go back to Don Mahone, and get your second Water Flying Cloth.
(If you saved after giving Don Mahone the Dew's Yarn and Magic Loom, but DIDN'T go back to get the Dew's Yarn again, it will no longer be there. The Magic Loom however, you can get again at any time.)

Unlimited gold
There's a place in the game where you can defeat a clown and win a Staff of Thunder, which sells for 19,500 gold. Once you beat him, go sell the staff, save at the king and reset the game. When you come back, the clown will be there again, and you can get another Staff of Thunder.
Continue doing this to get as much gold as you want.

Use cursed equipment without the curse
Normally, when equipped with a cursed item (Sword of Destruction, Gremlin's Armor, or Gremlin's Tail), there is a 50% chance the person wearing the item will freeze in battle, rather than act. This is unfortunate, as the sword and armour are the most powerful in the game.
However, there is a way to gain the benefits of the items without the curse.
1. Equip the item(s). This will give you the increased attack and/or defense of the cursed item(s) and inflict your character with the curse.
2. Go to the House of Healing and pay to have the character equipping the item uncursed. This will cost 100 GP per experience level. This will remove the item(s) from your item list and remove the curse, but does NOT cause your attack or defense stat to recalculate.
3. Never again look at your equip screen for that character or gain an experience level. The game does not recalculate the character's attack or defense stats until you look at the equip screen or gain a level, so you do not lose the hefty attack or defense bonus granted by equipping the cursed item(s).
You are free to look in and use other menus, including item and status, or even save and reset, without losing the bonus. However, since leveling up recalculates your attack and defense, you may want to wait until you are ready to defeat the final boss to use this glitch, since it cannot be repeated without finding a new copy of the cursed item.

Sword of Thunder
In the cave to Rhone, on level 5, fall down a hole (any hole). Go to the lower left corner of level 4. Go one square up and one square right. You'll fall down a hole, and the sword will be right there. Best Sword in the game.


Game Genie:

Prince of Midenhall
ZUKLUSGP Start with 50 hit points
LVKLUSGP Start with 99 hit points
AXKLOIIE Start with 40 strength points
ASKLOIIA Start with 80 strength points
AXKLXIGE Start with 40 agility points
ASKLXIGA Start with 80 agility points

Prince of Cannock
ZUKLNSYP Start with 50 hit points
LVKLNSYP Start with 99 hit points
AXKLSIGE Start with 40 strength points
GUKLSIGE Start with 60 strength points
TOKLVIGE Start with 30 agility points
GUKLVIGE Start with 60 agility points
AXKUEITE Start with 40 magic points
GUKUEITE Start with 60 magic points

Princess of Moonbrooke
ZUKUUIAZ Start with 50 hit points
LVKUUIAZ Start with 99 hit points
POKUOIZE Start with 25 strength points
ZUKUOIZA Start with 50 strength points
AXKUXITO Start with 40 agility points
AXKUKSGO Start with 40 magic points

【Not personally tested】

2、“游戏精灵”即“Game Genie”,也叫“GG码”,是模拟器和实机均可使用的作弊码。Nestopia模拟器-选项-金手指-添加,勾选右下方的“Game Genie”,可录入。