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Backtrack (Stage 1)
During Stage 1, part of progressing through the stage involves running northward against a wall to get through to the other side. This is normally a one-way trip, meaning that anything left on the other side is lost for good. However, if you wish to return, press A and Down on Controller 1, then A and B on Controller 2.

Return to Level Start
During gameplay, press and hold Down + A + B on Controller 2, then press A on Controller 1 to immediately return back to the starting point of the level.

Alignment Neutrality
To get through this game, you will often have to gather items to alter your Alignment - the bottom gauge of the top-left corner - so you can get to certain areas you are required to go to; sometimes, you have to be Light ("L") or Dark ("D"), depending on the situation.
Obtaining the proper Alignment can be a tedious or impossible process, if not just threatening to your health, as all such items do not respawn, leaving you to die if you do not already have the right Alignment but have already grabbed all of the items.
However, there is a way around this - if you stay in the middle of the gauge, you can get to both Light- and Dark-requiring areas due to an oversight in the game's programming.
(Alignment is measured from 1 to 24, meaning 12 is in the middle: you can use this info when you pick up Alignment-altering items which add or subtract 1 or 8 units per the item list given in the game's intro. All you have to do after reaching neutrality is never pick up an Alignment-altering item again.)

【Not personally tested】

2、“游戏精灵”即“Game Genie”,也叫“GG码”,是模拟器和实机均可使用的作弊码。Nestopia模拟器-选项-金手指-添加,勾选右下方的“Game Genie”,可录入。