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[ID: 505] [Sort: Single] [Type: RPG-Battle-Horizontal] [Recommend: ★★★★★] [Company: Square] [Remark: Have Chinese] [Click: 7014] [Add Time: 2007/11/21 23:12:00]

得到船后,出海,在海上按住A,然后按B 55次,即进入一个排数字的小游戏。

Secret Invisible Guard.
In the first castle, there is what appears to be an empty space right above Queen Jane's room and below the person going right and left.
Check the lower right corner of this area to find out that there is an invisible person here.
Talk to him and he will tell you something before and after you save Princess Sarah.

Tomb of Erdrick/Link
In Elfland, just beside the White Mage shop, there are three tombstones. Two of them are ordinary tombstones, but the one on the left is different.
It is the tomb of Erdrick. Erdrick is a character from Dragon Warrior, another very popular game series produced by Enix.
In the Japanese version of FF1 (and in PSX's Final Fantasy Origins), the tomb says ''Here lies Link'' instead. Link, of course, is the hero of the Legend of Zelda series.

World Map
While on the world map, press B and Select at the same time, and you will see the world map.


Game Genie:
SZULIEVS "LIFE" Spell never uses up Magic Points
SZVULEVS "LIF2" Spell never uses up Magic Points
TESGTYZA Magic Users start with 6 Magic Points
PESGTYZE Magic Users start with 9 Magic Points
ELEXVLEY + AESGANGA + AESGGNAA Non-magic users can use Level 1 Magic
AZOUGAEP + LAOUIAPA Start with 800 Gold
GXSZPKSV + GXSXZKSV Almost infinite Gold
Enter the rest of the codes at the start of the game.
TGKLPALZ Double Fighter Hit Points
GPKUAEZA Double Fighter's Hit
ZTKUPAIU Double Fighter's Evade
ZAKLTAIE Double Fighter's Luck
GLSLPETO Double Thief's Hit Points
TASLYAZA Triple Thief's Damage
ZASUAAIE Double Thief's Hit
GYSUPEZL Double Thief's Evade
TPSLTEYE Double Thief's Luck
ZGVLPAPZ Double Black Belt's Hit Points
TAVLYAZA Triple Black Belt's Damage
ZAVUAAIE Double Black Belt's Hit
ZTVUPAIU Double Black Belt's Evade
ZAVLTAIE Double Black Belt's Luck
GLNLPETO Double Red Mage's Hit Points
ZANLYAIE Double Red Mage's Damage
TANUAAYE Double Red Mage's Hit
GYNUPEZL Double Red Mage's Evade
ZANLTAIE Double Red Mage's Luck
AUELPEGO Double White Mage's Hit Points
TEELYAZA Triple White Mage's Damage
ZEEUAAIE Double White Mage's Hit
ZVEUPAIU Double White Mage's Evade
ZEELTAIE Double White Mage's Luck
ZUOLPEPP Double Black Mage's Hit Points
LEOLYAPA Triple Black Mage's Damage
ZEOUAAIE Double Black Mage's Hit
GNOUPEZL Double Black Mage's Evade
GOOLTEZA Double Black Mage's Luck

【Not personally tested】

2、“游戏精灵”即“Game Genie”,也叫“GG码”,是模拟器和实机均可使用的作弊码。Nestopia模拟器-选项-金手指-添加,勾选右下方的“Game Genie”,可录入。