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Game column use Local Download
Today's visit(80) Picture(52528) Game(3164)
2020-05-16 "Game" column, Baidupan Download is breaked, change to Local Download and remove the Unzip Password.
2019-10-14 The server is attacked, comment section of game was closed temporarily.
2019-09-28 "Pack" column added MediaFire download link.
2019-01-18 "Game" column, "Report" change to "Comment".
Added some picture.
2018-10-07 Optimised "Game - Details, Download, Music etc" page.
Website add "English" and "Wap" version.
Removed "Game - Site" page.
Removed repeated grid in main "Going" picture.
Added "Game - Info" page.
Added some picture.
2018-09-29 "Game - Company", add "AKA" index and search.
"Game" column add many cheats.
"Game" column add "Music".
"Game" column add "Report Error".
"Game" column add "Download".
"Pack" column add "GoodNES v3.23b.m1+_s1".
Page Header add "Notice".
Add some game.
Add some picture.
2018-08-19 Optimised "Site" page.
"Pack" column add "NES Emu Cheat Code (1996)".
The website code change to UTF-8, to improve compatibility.
Add some game.
Add some picture.
2018-04-30 "Picture" column add "Preferred".
"Pack" column, "All picture of FC Gallery" update to 2018-04-30.
"Pack" column, "NonGoodNes" update to 20170409.
Add some picture.
2018-04-12 "Basic" gallery add "Poster".
"Content" gallery add "Devil" and "Delicacy".
"Content" gallery "Pattern" join to "Icon". Add "Tiled Preview" link.
Add many Cover, Cassette and Ending picture.
Add some BOSS and Poster picture.
Add some other picture.
2018-03-08 "Game" column, "Ranking" add "Click".
Some cover add "Download HD", "Pack HD" and "View HD" link.
"Picture" search add "Display Size".
"Pack" add " NES HD-Cover".
"To Top" button move to right.
Add some Manual.
Add many Map, Cover and Icon picture.
Add some other picture.
2018-01-31 "Picture" column add "Skeleton".
"Picture" column, "Final BOSS" and "All BOSS" Merge into "BOSS".
"Picture" column add a display mode.
"Pack" column, "All picture of FC Gallery" update to 2018-01-20.
"Game" column add "Manual".
Perfect game's company and company's logo.
Add some picture.
2018-01-18 Adjust page and the sort of gallery.
Add "Picture" column, enhancing picture search.
"Picture" column add "Column".
"Game" column add "Ranking" and "Site".
"Basic" gallery add "Hidden" and "Staff".
Upper right corner add "Today's visit".
"Game" add "Click".
Add some picture.
2018-01-11 Perfect and supplement "Naming Rules of Hack".
"Game" column add "Company".
"Basic" gallery add "BUG".
"Small Topic" add "Tragedy".
Add some game.
Add some picture.