Added some Cover   Picture: 74761  Game: 3349
Added some Cover
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2021-01-10 "Picture" column added some "Cover".
2021-01-07 "Picture" column added some "Sticker".
2021-01-05 "Game" column added some "Manual".
2021-01-01 "Picture" column added many "Cover".
2020-12-26 "Banner"、"Box" move to "Basic Pic" 。
"Map" move to "Material Pic" 。
2020-12-11 "Picture" column added many "Game Logo".
2020-12-08 "Picture" column added many "Cassette" and some "Game Logo".
2020-11-14 "Picture" column added many "Box".
2020-11-12 "Picture" column added many "Wallpaper" and some "Banner".
2020-11-11 "Picture" column added some "Poster".
2020-11-10 "Picture" column added sort "Wallpaper".
2020-10-18 "Picture" column added many "Cassette".
2020-10-12 "Picture" column added many "Cover".
2020-10-08 "Game" column, "Other" merge into "Download".
2020-10-03 "Picture" column added sort "Box".
Added many Banner and Box picture.
2020-10-02 "Picture" column added many "Game Logo".
2020-10-01 Optimize the file name of game "Manual".
"Manual" change to "Other", and added some manual and e-book and ROM Editor.
2020-09-26 "Game - Company" column, added "Logo" and "Official Website".
2020-09-24 "Picture" column - Material, added sort "Sticker".
"Game" column, supplement "Japanese name", added Japanese name in search.
2020-09-22 cannot access, the original "View HD" link was changed to local view.
Added some games and pictures.
2020-09-18 "Picture" column - Material, "Logo" changed to "CompanyLogo". And added sort "Flash", "ICO", "Button".
2020-09-16 "Game" column, optimizing the typesetting of "Info".
2020-09-03 "Picture" column, "Poster" moved to "Material".
Added some games and pictures.
2020-08-29 "Pack" column added "NES HD Box".
Added some games and pictures.
2020-08-24 "Pack" column added " NES&FDS Media".
2020-08-20 "Pack" column added "NES ICO Icon", "NES Fillet Icon", "NES Banner".
"Picture" column - Material added "Banner" category.
2020-08-18 "Game" column added "Platform" column.
2020-05-16 "Game" column, Baidupan Download is breaked, change to Local Download and remove the Unzip Password.