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Basic: Basic pictures. Include Title, Going, Cover, Cassette etc.
Material: Material pictures and periphery. Such as Logo, Scene, Icon etc.
Content: Based on the single content. The original screenshots are the main ones.
Event: Based on the single event. The original screenshots are the main ones.
Other: The changed pictures are the main ones.

Title: The title screenshot, most of them have multiple versions. If the title screen is the same, attach a screenshot of the company to distinguish it.
Going: The going screenshot, the integration diagram of 1-3 grids. Some games are detailed going.
Cover: The cover photo. Integrated by back-top-front, height 900, width 1280. Small size is not included.
Cassette: The cassette photo. Height 400, width 500. Small size is not included.
Ending: The static ending screenshot. One simple, one detailed. Dynamic ending put to "GIF".
BOSS: The boss screenshot. If the boss have multiple forms, integrate them together.
GameOver: The game over screenshot. If there are multiple screen, integrate them together.
Map: The game's own map, mosaic map, remap. And stage, scenes, and strategy integration picture.
Password: The game's password input screen and display screen, or password integration picture.
Process: Integration chart showing game flow. Included opening and ending.
BUG: Game's bug screenshot or GIF.
Hidden: Hidden stage, hidden menu, hidden mode, hidden ending ect.
Staff: Game's staff integration screenshot.
Other: Other basic picture.

CompanyLogo: The company logo ect.
GameLogo: The game logo.
Scene: The scene screenshot. Integration scene put to "Map".
GIF: If too small, put to "Head" or "Icon".
Flash: Flash animation.
Icon: GIF, PNG, ICO format icon and pattern. You can look "Tiled Effect". The smaller GIF put here.
Button: Button shape icon.
ICO: Icon in ICO format.
Head: Static picture are the main ones. The smaller head GIF put here too.
Banner: Maded by the game logo or poster.
Poster: Game's poster.
Sticker: Player made stickers for cassette or other places.
Merge: Icon, head, character, monster integration picture. Scene, stage integration picture put to "Map".

Beauty: Beauty screenshot. Small size is not included.
HandsomeMan: Handsome Man screenshot. Small size is not included.
Adult: Female nude or sex screenshot.
Obscene: Male obscene or nude screenshot.
Sunglasses: Characters wearing sunglasses screenshot. Small size is included.
Dragon: East dragon, western dragon, dinosaur and other forms of dragon screenshot. Small size is not included.
Death: Death with sickle. Small size is included.
Sphinx: Sphinx of egypt screenshot. Small size is included.
Angel: Angel screenshot. Small size is included.
ColdWeapon: Knife, sword, dagger screenshot ect. Small size is not included.
Skeleton: Various skeleton in the game. Small size is not included.
Devil: The western devil with wings and horn.
Delicacy: Delicacy screenshot. Small size is not included.

SaveBeauty: Save beauty screenshot.
Tragedy: Tragedies caused by the setting of games, often at the beginning.
LookStupid: Character look stupid screenshot because player's mistake.

First: Various first of FC game. For reference only.
MetalMax: New monster, new chariot, new reward list of "Metal Max".
BBS: Various spoof changes screenshot of BBS.
Imitate: Realistic imitation of FC games, or FC games imitation FC games.
OtherKuso: Other kuso picture.