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Game column added Download and Music
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【Map】神奇X战警_Zagato Blackfist_Subterranean Confrontation.png

【Map】神奇X战警_Zagato Blackfist_Search & Destroy The Robofactory.png

【Map】神奇X战警_Zagato Blackfist_Practice.png

【Map】神奇X战警_Zagato Blackfist_Magneto.png

【Map】神奇X战警_Zagato Blackfist_Futurecity Street Fight.png

【Map】神奇X战警_Zagato Blackfist_Battle Through A Living Starship.png

【Cover】 神奇X战警(美版).jpg   Download HD Pack HD (Unzip Password: fcpicX93sfdz) [Game Details] [Game Picture]
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【Map】神奇X战警_Daniel Engel_Stage 5.png

【Map】神奇X战警_Daniel Engel_Stage 4.png