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【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Rick N.Bruns_World of Darkness - Overworld.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Rick N.Bruns_Main Overworld.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Rick N.Bruns_Gottside Island - Overworld.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Rick N.Bruns_(BG) World of Darkness - Overworld.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Rick N.Bruns_(BG) Main Overworld.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Rick N.Bruns_(BG) Gottside Island - Overworld.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Paco_Chapter 5 - The Chosen Ones - Zenthian Tower.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Paco_Chapter 5 - The Chosen Ones - Zenthian Castle.png

【Map】勇者斗恶龙4_Paco_Chapter 5 - The Chosen Ones - Woodsman's Shack.png